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pregnancy starter kit
maternity starter kit
Maternity Starter Kit  from the Mommy Collectiove


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Our "TMC BUMP" BUMP STARTER KIT is just that - it helps you transition into motherhood from the moment you get your wonderful news! 


BUMP BELLY BAND - use it as a layer under your shirts as they slowly but surely start riding up your bump. Or use the band to cover up your un-buttoned pants! This one-size-fits-all super-stretch band can be worn post-delivery as well, to smoothen out & give support to your tummy. It is made with 4-way stretch fabric, so anywhere your baby goes, THE BELLY BAND follows! Made with 100% Spandex

THE TANKER - the perfect layering essential! Made with 100% Cotton 

THE HOLIDAY TOP - top it all up with this easy-to-wear garment! Made with 95% Modal, 5% Elastane

To make things simple, we've chosen the most easy-to-use colours for this bundle - Black for the Belly Band, White for the Tanker, and Blush for the Holiday Top! 

Size Guide

These garments are machine washable.

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