Our Story

The Mommy Collective was born from a beautiful personal journey. 

How Our Story Came To Be…

Being a mommy-to-be, your life is now filled with surprises in every facet. Along with your changing body, everything else around you begins to change too. Your style is of crucial essence. When your body is changing, your style needs to adapt to it but it does not need to go silent.  You can be the comfortable mommy you want to be without giving up on being truly chic. We understood this and worked towards creating our story.

Our story is incomplete without our founder Natasha Mittal Saraf. To give you a background about us, it is essential to capture her lovely ideas that inspired our story. She did not let her beautiful journey get affected by settling for something less than wonderful. She felt great and she looked great because her style stayed intact and she felt indulgent throughout her pregnancy. She credits the inspiration of her brand to her journey of mommy-hood. She says “The mommy-to-be journey was the best 9 months of my life so far! I felt good, I looked good! . . . In hindsight, I think it was because I made those 9 months all about myself – meditation, rest, food, indulgence!”

Our Story Is About You!

Why should mommies give up on who they are and how they feel during their pregnancy? It is time to give up on what you ‘should’ or ‘should not’ be doing.  Pregnancy is all about what women can do and be, and mommies can do whatever they please. It all about staying You! Gone are the days where mommies had to hide their bump and cover their personality. It is the time to experiment with your style and dress the way you feel inside. 

We believe that every Mommy should make this journey about herself. We want her to look and feel wonderful, and most of all, be herself! This is her journey, and she decides what makes her feel chic and beautiful while flattering her true self.

To fulfill every mommy’s needs, we created our maternity label, The Mommy Collective. The pieces are designed to give you a comfort that dresses your baby bump without compromising on your style. Our garments are designed to give you wardrobe essentials that are easy to wear yet maintain a healthy style quotient.  When you feel confident in your clothes, you begin to enjoy your bump even more.

What Inspired Our Story?

Natasha talks about her own experience: “I was excited to experiment with my wardrobe. This journey gave birth to a new me, and I wanted to dress the way I felt inside – blessed & beautiful!” Taking this forward The Mommy Collective has crafted garments that support and encourage the chic mommies and mommies-to-be. Their style and spirits shall always be indulged with every outfit they slip into. It is a lifestyle shift and we know it, so every piece of garment has been inspired by our story.

With The Mommy Collective, we want you to dress the way you feel inside. We want you to experience joy with the bump, joy as a mommy, joy as yourself!

Dress to your mood, dress to your style, dress the way you want and encourage the woman inside.

Because it’s all about you!

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