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At the Mommy Collective, we design the chicest garments to make Mommies feel comfortable and stylish, without saying goodbye to their personalities! And clothes that are designed to make you feel remarkable during your pregnancy, should be delivered in only the best – and our beautiful gift bags fit the bill!

Designed with love by our founder, Natasha, each TMC Gift Bag is made by hand with 100% post-consumer recycled paper, is beautiful and sensuous, and makes you feel good!  

Mommies, join our green circle!

We have partnered with Green Circle Nepal for our lovely handmade paper Gift Bags!

This little start-up is a women's NGO-turned-social enterprise. They aim to reduce the amount of paper waste by recycling and creating beautiful and lasting hand-made products. Their raw materials come from recycled sheets of paper collected from organizations in the Kathmandu Valley, and are then crafted into these lovely bags. Along with preserving the environment, Green Circle also provides women with employment and vocational training, to teach them how to make handmade products. 

What started as simple waste-collection has become a product-design organization for revenue generation. We couldn’t be happier that their first product was the Gift Bag for The Mommy Collective!

The TMC Gift Bag accompanies our products to give Mommies out there a charming paper gift bag, that can later be re-used. We are glad that each garment gets a personal touch!

At the Mommy Collective, we believe in supporting both big and small enterprises that work towards sustainable development. This association has helped us feel great about associations, and also rewards us with our beautiful Gift Bags! A win-win all around.

To know more about Green Circle, visit their website here


Our Gift Bags help us package our garments in a very earthy and sensual way, with their gorgeous paper, which has its own personality, just like our garments! The Mommy Collective is happy to make Mommies feel special with these gorgeous gift bags, while doing our bit for the environment! 

Small steps like these will make our world a greener place for our little ones! After all, it’s all about us.

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