The Secrets to Shopping for Maternity Wear – Clothes That Can Be Worn in All Three Trimesters!

Congratulations, mom-to-be!

Welcome aboard. Please fasten your seat belts as you are about to take off a breathtaking journey over the next nine months of your life. As you are expecting your little bundle of joy, the excitement increases with each passing day.

One of the many challenges of pregnancy – is fashion in your trimesters. The key during pregnancy is comfort and style but, what feels right in week 9 may feel downright wrong by week 14. And what perfectly flatters your curves during the second trimester may become rather indecent by the tail end of your pregnancy.

As you are embracing your changing body and you want to buy out everything from the maternity wear stores, it’s time to go through some maternity clothes online. From the basics to the must-haves, The Mommy Collective has got your crash-course in how to beef up your wardrobe in all the right places

So don’t despair! It’s not as hard as it seems to dress your changing body in a flattering way. Read on the tips on looking your best no matter how big you and your bump become.

  • Maternity Basics

First thing first: Let’s talk Basics. There are some pieces that every expecting mommy needs as she invests into a whole new maternity wardrobe. The chic maternity bump starter kit along with Bump Leggings, Cami, Daily Tees, Everyday tops, Holiday tops and an essential Bump Belly band are the basic clothes that every mama needs to stock up on first.

Women often find it difficult to adjust to the latest fashion trends as maternity wear stores are hard to find. So flaunt your bulging belly with stylish yet elegant collection from The Mommy Collective as they offer; different styles, patterns, and a totally different feel to every mommy adorning her beauty with their maternity clothes online.

Maternity Basics


  • Maternity Tops

Step out in style and comfort in maternity tops with stretch and ruching. Pair up your top with your favorite leggings or cardigan along with some cool scarf, some mixed pieces of jewelry and a nice pair of shoes and go out there as a fashionable mom-to-be.

Maternity Tops

Maternity clothes online offer these tops and shirts as an easy grab and wear option which is good for a day out; and for all the days you wish to relax, the soft fabric and the elastene provides maximum comfort to the mommies.

  • Maternity Bottoms

Moving on to the must-haves; Maternity bottom is an essential piece of clothing every mother must own. These are specially tailored to either sit under-the-bump, or above-the-bump, depending on the style which the expecting mommy needs.

Maternity Bottoms Online

We’ll save you some time searching for pregnancy wear online to find the perfect bump leggings or the lifesaving yoga pants,- here at The Mommy Collective you’ll find the essential maternity bottoms every mama-to-be should have in her closet.

  • Maternity Jammies

As you are heading towards meeting your baby, a lot of pieces that you’ll invest in need to be super comfortable and versatile so that you can wear them later during nursing.

Maternity jammies are perfect for this; they are super comfortable, good for yoga practices, sleeping in, or even for shopping with friends and family.

Maternity Jammies Online

Maternity jammies include Jammy bottoms; Jammy nighty, Jammy tops, Yoga pants and a Jammy set that will make you look graceful and trendy even in your trimesters.

  • Maternity Dresses

You are probably enduring all the notorious signs of pregnancy and feeling good. But if you have had enough of wearing tops and bottoms, then it is the time to go for dresses. A dress makes you look fabulous and feel fabulous and is perfect for expecting mothers until the day your baby is born!

Maternity Dresses Online

Accentuate your baby bump with a variety of comfortable and classy dresses available at the maternity wear store, The Mommy Collective. From chic LBDs to flattering maxi dresses, it offers a range of pregnancy wear online to show off your blooming bump with pride.

  • Outerwear

Whether you are in your first or third trimester, layering is your best friend because it adds visual interest and makes you look stylish and classy. So use your tees, camis or dresses as a base and layer it up with a chic style cardigan or an exclusive blazer and make your way out swaying in style.

Maternity Outerwear Online

Smile, be happy and be contended because we are there to help you make these days, your most wonderful days of being a mommy with our maternity clothes online. Find comfort in your personal style and feel beautiful in anything that you wear.

With the pregnancy wear online offering you a Pandora’s Box; what are you waiting for? Grab the pieces as soon as you can and set the trend for all the mommies by defining your own fashion statement.

Enjoy the Bump! 
The Mommy Collective Team

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