The Delivery Bag

A practical post, on preparing for Delivery-day!

As your baby is on its way to you, it's time for you to get all-packed-up-&-ready-to-go too!
Time: I started preparing this at 7.5 months, it took me a few weeks to get it ready! 

I. For me, the Mommy-to-be!

… Clothes 
I took my Favourite & most Comfy clothes...
For nursing it just helped if every top is front opening up to the navel …Button-down shirts from 

Shawls - thin thick thicker - and a soft blanket 

  • Useful to cover yourself when unexpected visitors walked in!
  • And very comforting at night to have my own blankie

Really loose bottoms - sarongs, pyjamas 
Button pyjama tops for night 
Rubber chappals, bathrobe

… Lingerie etc

  • Granny panties (wait high undies) - tight fit, loose fit... Depends on how you feel after delivery, on what fitting you will choose... Keep 3 of both type
  • Period Pads - heavy duty, preferably cotton, preferably the post-delivery kind 

Lots of comfy nursing bras, at least 6…

Mothercare, Mom & me, Just Moms … all have great brick & mortar stores too!

… Toilet bag
The Essentials:
Face wash, face cream, Kaajal and lipgloss - it made me feel normal to put on a bit of Kaajal and lipstick on my face! 

The Non-essential:   
I took a hairdryer as well :) Felt Brilliant to have clean blowdried hair!

Tip on involving your partner!
Make a list of your specific toiletries (along with brand names), and give the daddy-to-be the list, to prepare the toilet bag – this an easy (and fool-proof way!) for him to be involved

II. For Baby, our most precious & delicate bundle!

… One set of clothes to get baby home
In Breach Candy Hospital, where l was, they didn't allow outside clothes for baby, so I just had 2 sets to get him home in, I ended up using the following 

  • Onesie with full arms and legs (toe closing, hands closing)
  • Swaddle cloth (the nurses will swaddle baby's head also in the wrap, for car journey)
  • 2 newborn size diapers (I didn't use mine, hospital keeps)
  • Pillow for car to keep baby on your lap 
  • 4 napkins for spit ups 
  • 4 burp cloths (also useful for visitors!... though I wasn’t comfortable with guests taking him!) - great for bulk shopping such as diapers, wipes, baby toiletries, cleaning products - great for one-off items such an changing mats & covers

… For your nursing needs
A breast pump, so that nurse can teach you to use 
A nursing pillow - 'my Brest friend' brand - super useful from day one

… Other things I took
a small cushion, jambox, candle, 6 toilet paper rolls, 3 boxes of tissue, 2 hand towels and 2 body towels (I was getting fresh ones daily from home and sending used ones back), my favourite hot chocolate powder, bananas, my fav jam, all found at
 and not to forget... extra toothbrush, blanket, and small cushion, for whoever was staying with me!

… Papers!
A folder with hospital registration papers, along with your admittance fee money, in a folder.
A folder with all your pregnancy papers... tests reports etc. 
A folder for all the baby papers that they give 

Other Do-sies

  • Make sure your husband/mom know where what is in your hospital bag! Then you don't have to stress in the hospital
  • Keep extra napkins and burp cloths in a separate bag, these are very useful even when you're in the hospital, and keep swaddle cloths - these are just useful to spread on any surface before you put baby down
  • Ask your fam to sneak in foods that are good for lactation… upma, sabudana – khichdi, kheer, sandesh, poha 
  • Ask the nurses to help you with going to the loo & shower, since the body is really weak 
  • Ask the senior-most baby-nurse and lactation consultant to teach you how to feed, and care for your baby... Sponge, diaper change, swaddle, burp!
  • .... Decide what you want to wear TO the hospital! Keep it washed ironed and folded in an easy-to-find spot in your cupboard! I wore maternity leggings, a super loose full-sleeve tshirt, chappals, shawl!

Happy Mommyhood!




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