Pregnancy Belly Band: 5 Ways to Support Your Belly

Pregnancy brings in a period of exhilaration and joy coupled with abundant love and care. It adds flavor to the concept of beauty, makes every pregnant woman glow. The moment you get the positive news, you become conscious and protective. The feeling of carrying a life inside is totally an out-of-the-world experience.

It is rightly said, ‘A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.’

True, isn’t it?

After giving birth to a child, a mother is born. All the three trimesters are the wonderful part of motherhood journey. Your gait changes and so does your daily routine. With the growing belly, your entire wardrobe needs an upgrade as your older clothes won’t fit.

How amazing would it be if we found you few hacks to use your existing wardrobe during pregnancy and not spend your fortune on the maternity wear?

Take pride in your blossoming belly and retain your personal style with the essential pregnancy belly band. Maternity magic was made when a bump belly band was created for built-in belly support. It smoothes, secures and reduces stress on your ever-growing body.

Well, it’s about you!

Pregnancy calls for seamless support without compromising on comfort and that’s what a maternity belly band provides. An online maternity brand, The Mommy Collective is specially designed to cater to your growing needs in pregnancy; it has everything a mother would ever require for herself and her little one. A one-stop solution crafted by Natasha Mittal Saraf is a gift to every mother to celebrate motherhood.

Here, is how pregnancy belly band can help you in your amazing journey towards mommyhood with a little shopping and judicious use of your existing inventory:

  • Feel at home

Maternity Belly Band can be used under your t-shirt to avoid bump sneak peak and comfort while continuing with your daily routine. Wear the bump belly band under your favorite top or dress and you’re ready to roll in this super cozy and airy outfit.


  • It works for office as well

Pregnancy belly band helps build posture and accentuate your bump. Gear up for the long day at work with the bump Belly Band which is worn inside your outfit to add elegance and jazz to your style. A scarf and nice shoes can create a fashion statement altering your entire pregnancy look.


  • Parties aren’t boring these days

Your savior bump belly band makes partying easier for you. Dig into your wardrobe to find your partywear, spice it up with some of the coolest accessories, put on some makeup and wear the belly band to get that svelte figure and the party is on. Rock the floor, would-be-mamma!


  • Workout activities are enjoyable now

Whether you are a fitness freak or you prefer light and mild workout. A bump belly band will support you for all. It fits best from the 2nd Trimester onwards and can be used postpartum as well. For your baby’s health or your own, enjoy your workout sessions during pregnancy.


  • Jeans enters the maternity section

You can now wear your pre-pregnancy jeans with the help of maternity belly band. It covers up and holds your un-fastened jeans in place, giving in enough space for the bump to breathe and feel at ease. Perk it up with a cool tee and a cardigan to complete the look and you’re all set.

Pregnancy Belly Bands are designed to support the lower back and abdomen during pregnancy. It reduces stress on your ever-growing body and provides seamless support without compromising with comfort.

So, look stunning and feel amazing!

What are you waiting for? Spice up your wardrobe with the belly band and sway in your personal style during pregnancy!

Hail the Belly Band!
Enjoy the Bump! 
The Mommy Collective Team

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