Maternity Wear: Newbie in the World of Fashion

Ask a pregnant woman about maternity wear – and the only answer you’ll get is, “Find some old clothes out of your closet, for it’s a task out there to find the right clothes for your pregnancy”.

Every expectant mother needs the freedom to enjoy their blossoming baby bump and the possibility to discreetly hide a postpartum belly. But it is a challenging job for mums to find maternity clothes which look stylish, makes you feel good and are versatile to use.

One of the evident signs of pregnancy is your changing body. During your first trimester, your normal clothes still fit. However, as your bump starts to grow your clothes get tighter and more uncomfortable. If you are one of those expectant moms who are tired of putting up with their existing wardrobes, this article is just for you!

So, to your rescue, we have great news! Nobody has to look frumpy during their journey to motherhood. There are perfect clothes for everyone from brides to mothers-to-be. Today, being pregnant signifies that one can remain stylish, comfortable and chic throughout the nine months.

Wanting to look stylish while still being comfortable is the main criteria why moms-to-be opt for maternity clothes. Say ‘No More’ to those old baggy clothes and oversized outfits for, The Mommy Collective an online store for Maternity Fashion and Nursing Clothes brings you a perfect blend of internationally designed outfits with classic maternity clothing. For the woman you really are, these garments will not just help you regain your style but will make every pregnant mommy feel at ease.

Proud, happy and beautiful!
There is no doubt about it – Trendy mums-to-be are feeling attractive with maternity wear online.

You want to feel happy, you want to look fabulous! Dressing your baby bump with amazing pregnancy clothes is the perfect way to show your happiness. You’ll be surprised at how many compliments you receive for your beautiful style. So, enjoy it!

Back then when Natasha Mittal Saraf, the proud founder, and owner of this sanctity for pregnant mothers, was researching on the niche market for mommies to be, maternity fashion was really in a weird state. While she was trying to create her own brand, her mother herself told her that back in her days of the mid-19th century, there was no such thing as maternity fashion. To add to the statement, women in her pregnant days simply used to hide and confine themselves to certain limited places. There was no going out unless they gave birth to the new one.

Well, if we speak about now, that why maternity fashion is still in its budding stage, it’s because of the perceived lack of glamour. With such a reason, many brands are simply reluctant to give a headspace to maternity fashion for what they feel is most women won’t spend much on clothes they will be wearing for a short period of time.

With that in mind, she created a brand specializing in silhouettes designed to be worn during and after pregnancy. While you’ll fall in love with the fabric, the styles are very trendy! It’s a win-win for the mommy as the brand designs clever pieces that fit beautifully during pregnancy and look appealing long after pregnancy. With such investment pieces, a mommy is certainly going to be happy to spend a little more if she knows the piece is versatile.

The Mommy Collective is a fashion store that offers you trendy yet comfortable nursing clothes and maternity wear online without compromising the quality of the fabric. This brand simply gives a belief to the pregnant women that regardless of their pregnancy, what resides inside is the real beauty. What they created was a new definition of maternity fashion, a trendy and chic look that lives long beyond pregnancy. With clever designs and an eye for perfect silhouettes, the brand helps pregnant women to create a style statement of their own and make the most of their beautiful journey to motherhood!

Celebrate your pregnant body!
Dress your bump and feel beautiful!
Enjoy the Bump! 
The Mommy Collective Team

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