New dads survival guide to prepare for Baby!


Sometimes during pregnancy, the Papa can feel lost & a little out-of-the-loop! Here's our cheat-sheet . . . convert Lost to List

1. Pre-natal classes

Attending a few sessions is not only informational, but it lets Dads know what is happening inside Mommy, how the Baby is growing, and how she/he is changing every week!

A great way to get to know your Baby, and gives Moms & Dads some time to bond as a new family as well.

2. Setting up the Nursery

Setting up the Nursery goes beyond just wall-paper & pillows

- getting the correct furniture (crib, changing table, storage) - the fit has to be right, the assembly has to be perfect

- gadgets (breast-pump, baby monitor, steriliser)

- baby stroller, car seat - this can be the most daunting purchases, because of the wide variety of options out there, so researching & short-listing is a huge project in itself

3. Reading

Books such as Mind in the Making, and Whole Brain Child are interesting scientific & psychological reads, and can start parents thinking about Parenting, how they want to parent, and why!

Once the baby arrives, it's a whole new ball game, and both Moms & Dads will reflect fondly on the times when life was simple.



So Parents, if nothing else, just spend time with each other, that's enough preparation! because once your bundle of joy arrives, nothing will ever be the same again, at least for some time!



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  • Vinod Mittal

    Good to know , how papa can be involved.

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