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New dads survival guide to prepare for Baby!

Sometimes during pregnancy, the Papa can feel lost & a little out-of-the-loop! Here's our cheat-sheet . . . convert Lost to List!  1. Pre-natal classes Attending a few sessions is not only informational, but it lets Dads know what is happening inside Mommy, how the Baby is growing, and how she/he is changing every week! A great way to get to know your Baby, and gives Moms & Dads some time to bond as a new family as well. 2. Setting up the Nursery Setting up the Nursery goes beyond just wall-paper & pillows - getting the correct furniture (crib, changing table, storage) - the fit has to be right, the assembly has to be perfect - gadgets (breast-pump, baby...

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Mommy & Baby, do both really go home in Diapers?

The fun is just starting. . . you're finally going home with your little bundle of joy! But Mommies, make sure you're equipped with all your lady-essentials! After natural births, most Mommies experience heavy flow for a few days, sometimes weeks, so it's wise to buy a few different varieties of sanitary-wear, and stock it up!  Post-delivery sanitary-wear is easily available in the market - heavy to medium to light flow, synthetic mixed or organic materials, all disposable! So starting with the max capacity ones, all the way down to your everyday sanitary-napkins, I would keep a few packets of each in stock!  Hospitals provide these right after you deliver, but the ones from the store are far superior! Happy Mommyhood!...

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Being pregnant gave me the right to spill anything and everything, even things which had 0 water content, such as chalk.  A scarf very handily covered up my goof-ups, and I found it easy to layer on top of my bump-cocooning maternity tops! Heat flashes, cold flashes, milk splashes - a wrap was always required, specially when I became a New Mom and used this as a feeding coverup! I had about 12 pieces of maternity-wear, which I used daily for 9 months, and though they are now threadbare, their sentimental value is monumental. 

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The Perfect Gift

It's a bit overwhelming when your best friend is suddenly with child, and your role as Godmother starts when the 9 months start!  Our suggestions for the perfect bump-present - pamper the mommy-to-be at the click of a button!

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